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“The Touch less – Robotic Car Wash System” is built on Axis top range of machine ever. It offers the service stations, automobile dealers, professional car wash Beginners and owner’s a countless – profit making opportunities with just using the numerous types of washing cycle offered in system. Our Axis system is specially designed by considering the special requests of less space requirement. It has achieved the best cleaning efficiency without the use of brushes and it’s able to wash wide range of cars from Hatchbacks to SUV’s, right from the chassis to the body of the car. The system saves a lot of labour and time as it is equipped with the programmable logic controller that is programmed to automatically control the whole system as required. The Axis system delivers high pressurised water, shampoo and wax assisted with our newly invented air injection system in order to get the finest results in short time. With the latest ‘variable frequency drive’ it will enable us to increase and decrease the washing time as per the requirements. “Axis System” is thus making washing cars a child’s play!!

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Car is parked in the designated area for washing with all the doors and windows closed. The high pressure water is sprayed on the car body and under the chassis of the car.

Specially made car wash shampoo is used for spraying on car body for the finest results.

At times manual hand rubbing will be required to remove the difficult stains from the car body.

The high pressure water is used to rinse the car body again after the hand wash.

At the final stage wax is sprayed on the car body, then the car can be taken at our optional accessories for more finest results. The further value added services like internal cleaning and vacuum can be provided on demand.




4860 mm


4060 mm


3260 mm

Water Consumption

100 lt/car maximum

Shampoo Consumption

60 ml/car

Water Pressure- Car Wash

40 ml/car

Water Pressure – Car Wash

18 bar

Water Pressure – Under Chassis Wash

4 bar

Air Pressure

2-6 bar


High Pressure Pre Wash

Foam Wash

Hand Rub

High Pressure Rinse


Air Drying – Optional

Power Required

3 Phase, 415 V, 50 HZ

Wash Capacity

8 K.w.





Manual Wash

Robotic Car Wash System


Man Power

Minimum 10-15 labors required for complete wash.

Minimum 2-3 labors required for complete wash


Electricity consumption

3 unit / car (6KWH @ 20 minutes)

1 Unit /car (8KWH @5 minutes)


Water Consumption

70-80 Ltr/car with no control on wasting of water

60-70 ltr/car (depend on size of car) and fully controlled


Shampoo Consumption

90-120 ml/car with no control on wasting of soap

60ml/car and fully controlled


Wax Consumption

60-70ml/car and depends on user if liquid wax used

40ml/car and fully controlled


Area Requied

Depends on Invesment

L X WXH : 20 X 20 X 20 Feet


Civil work cost

Huge Civil work is required which includes multiple wash bays

Civil work is only required if ground level under chassis & foundation required


External & Underbody Washing quality

Depends upon the number & skills of workers

100% safe for end numbers of car wash


Washing Capacity

Maximum 50-60 cars/day

Easily minimum 100 cars in one shift


Washing time/car

30-40 minutes / car

Only 3-4 minutes required for external wash only


Car Paint Protection

100% chances of human error

100% safe for end number of wash

Under Chassis Wash System :

Cleaning the vehicles chassis has always been a big challenge and is time consuming, the lengthy time consuming process of lifting vehicles or constructing the underground pits for manual cleaning are the things of the past. With Axis Automatic Under-chassis wash system it provides totally safe environment for the cleaning the chassis compared to manual. It achieves up to 75% time saving.

The car remains stationary on an under- chassis system with specifically designed stainless steel nozzles in each row that sprays high pressure water assisted with 7.5 or more horse power pumping station., cleaning the road grimes and dusts stuck on the chassis within a span of seconds. Clean Chassis – Minimal Wastage.


Types of under – chassis available

Number of Nozzles

Fixed nozzle system


Extended fixed nozzle system


Swivelling nozzles system

40 (can be increased as per requirement)

About Swiveling nozzle system:

Regarding the most up-to date invention in under-chassis system is the swiveling nozzle system. The nozzles automatically moves and spray’s from 30 to 60 degree at under the chassis of cars for more and more effective cleaning at hard- to – reach areas.

Touch – Free Air Drying System

Gone are the days of lengthy manual drying of your vehicles. With Axis Touch-free air drying system the drying of your car can be completed within a span of seconds. Our Air drying system makes a best pair with our Eco- wash system which will give the best shine to your vehicle after the waxing cycle.

The system comprises of giant and powerful blowers. Robust housing design that does not restrict air flow maximizing drying performance and steel impellers with backward curved blades is welded for durability.

Available Options:

Centrifugal blower with standalone structure

Size of Blower

Quantity of Blower


3 HP to 10 HP

3 to 5

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  • When you purchase from AHS, not only do you get a superior product with industry leading technology, you have the backing of a strong network of support to help you optimize your carwash operations and attain maximum return on investment. You get a valuable partner for the life of your car wash with world class support from factory-trained AHS Distributors providing installation, preventative maintenance, and emergency service, as well as AHS’s Technical Services and Engineering Team. Together, we work hard to keep you and the car wash operators up and earning!

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